In this article, you are going to learn about types of buttons you can create with CTA Now, how to create and use each type of button.

Important Note: CTA Now is designed to help you create sticky call-to-action buttons available on the MOBILE view.

Create a button

From CTA Now Dashboard, click the “Create a new CTA” button.

Upon clicking the button, the Page Settings table will popup, allowing you to adjust the button’s first settings.

Page Details

CTA Name

Give your button a name. Ideally, the name should specify the usage, created date, maybe an ordinary number in case you have many buttons. This is for better management of the buttons created.

Place your CTA button

You can decide where to display the button:

  • On all pages

  • On specific pages: In this case, you need to select a Page Type.

Page Type

Select the type of pages where you want the button to be displayed.

Depending on the page type, you might need to select the specific page(s) to show the button.

Types of button

CTA Now allows you to create 7 types of buttons.

Social Button

A social button allows your customers to easily share your page on social channels. By making social buttons available on mobile devices, you encourage customers to share your pages.

Contact Button

A sticky contact button allows customers to make a call or leave an email without scrolling and with just an easy click.


When a customer submits this MailChimp form, the email is auto-added into your MailChimp Mailing List.

Shopify Customer

Along with MailChimp form, Shopify Customer is another solution when it comes to collecting customer emails. The major difference is that email addresses will be stored within your Shopify Customers.

Custom Form

Collect customer emails and store within CTA Now. This element allows you to track email collected from CTA Now app alone.

Buy Button

Make the Add-to-cart button and Check-out button sticky on mobile screens so that your customers can add products to cart and make payments at any time.

Custom Button

Redirect your customers to any pages by using page URL.

Dashboard - An Overview of your CTA performance

Dashboard is where you can watch the overall performance of the buttons created within your store.


All call-to-action buttons created within your store using CTA Now will be listed in My CTA.